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This group is for people who do not classify themselves as either part of the gender binary, or the gender of their birth. We are a community of transgender, third gender, bi-gender, androgyny, gender fluid, gender bender, gender queer, transsexual, agender, neutrois, (please note me if I missed anything) exploring gender in the arts. Supporters are welcome.

NOTE: This is for gender-related art only, not LGBT works. If you do wish to submit any form of LGBT-related artwork, it's allowed as long as there's something related to gender in it.
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Jul 26, 2010


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728 Members
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Want to Transition? Or Just Curious?

Either gender:
The very first step in transitioning is changing your name, although you don't have to.

The first BIG step is horomones. What are horomones? Horomones are a medicine taken twice a month that slowly help transform you into the opposite gender. They can be taken as injections, pills (note: it is possible that taking pills can destroy your liver), gels, creams, or patches. No form of taking horomones is more effective than the other, although some can take longer. These changes tend to happen more rapidly for younger people than older people. A psychiatrist has to give you permission before you can get the horomones. The transition can take from 3-5 years to complete. Your insurance may cover the transition, but you might want to check, just incase, because there are side effects...

For MtF:
Here's what the horomones do for transwomen:
You will expirience sterility, shrinking of the testicles, diminished strength, less hair growth (as in body hair; chest hair, facial hair, etc.), formation of breasts, loss of erection and ejaculation, smoother skin, redistributed fat, and all other physical changes a girl acquires during puberty.

The side affects that can be accquired are:
-Benign pituitary tumors
-Gallbladder disease
-Liver disease
-Tendency for blood to clot, causing:
-Deep vein thrombosis
-Pulmonary embolism (possibly fatal)
-Weight gain
-Worsening of depression (if you have depression)
-Increased sensitivity to stress

For FtM:
Here's what the horomones will do for transmen:
You will expirience: sterility, increased hair growth (as in body hair; facial hair, chest hair, etc.) voice deepening, larger clitoris, increased sex drive, increased aggression, balding patterns, increased acne, increased energy levels, increased appetite, more easily developed muscle, and all other physical changes a man acquires during puberty.

The side effects that can be accquired are:
-Breast cancer
-Endometrial cancer
-High cholesterol
-Liver disease

Also, there is "top surgery" and "bottom surgery".

Top surgery is the reconstruction of the chest. There are a couple of main surgeries that transmen could get depending on the size and condition of their chest. Keyhole/periareolar is for ones with smaller breasts (below B cup). For transmen with larger breasts they usually do double mastectomy with nipple/areolar grafts.

"Bottom surgery" comes in much more different forms, although many transmen don't get the surgery done.

One of the surgeries is hysto-salpingo-oophorectomy which is the removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. It may allow transmen to go on a lower dose of testosterone. Although, if you get it, you will have to be on hormone replacement for the rest of your life.

There is also metaoidioplasty which is the release of the clitoris (the maxium size is about 4") from its anchor on the pelvis. This allows it to hang lower and seem more like male genitals.

Some people who have gotten metaoidioplasty also get urethral lengthening, which is used with tissue from the vagina. There is also scrotoplasty, which is inserting silicone "testes" into the outer labia and fusing them together.

Then, there's phalloplasty which has two types; one uses skin and nerves from the forearm and grafts that onto the enlarged clitoris. The other way is conducted with skin from other areas of the body (such as your shoulder or thigh) but both of these surgeries result in a scar.

Also, multiple surgeries are usually required to allow the neophallus to actually look like a penis. The phallus cannot become erect on its own. There is also a high possibility of graft rejection and loss of genital sensation, or even blood clots that can cause the death of organs (including the heart).

Either gender:
Although the side effects may sound huge or life-threatening and such, if you've made up your mind, after the horomones you're pretty much ready for the transition.

Although it can vary depending on what state or country you're in, you usually have to be 18+ or have parental permission (I believe the minium age is 15?) to get the treatments.

These treatments usually cost between $7,000-$100,000 (and yes, that includes all the fabulous new clothes you will probably buy).

I hope this will help you answer any questions you had about the transition. If not, you might want to try checking out some of these websites:………
I'm going to stay with my cousins in Philadelphia in August, and I realised that I'm going to need a bathing suit. I haven't been swimming yet this year (it's only just getting warm enough for that, here in Canada), other than being shoved in my friend's pool fully-clothed (don't ask), so it hasn't been a problem. But we're probably gonna be going to the beach while I'm there, and they said they signed me up for their family membership at their local pool, so there's no way to get out of it. I'm non-binary, and my first thought was to just wear a rash guard and board shorts, but I'm biologically female, so I'd need to somehow compress the things on my chest. Are there any other NB or FtM people that can give me any advice?
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Transgender Problems
I'll drive.
"Girls can't drive."
I'll have the steak.
"You are supposed to have salad."
I'll go.
"Silly girl, boys do the hard stuff, remember?"
I'm just gonna stay here with the guys.
"No, guys are gross! All the girls are getting their nails done tonight!"
I like this shirt.
"That's a boy's shirt!"
I like this name.
"That's a boy's name!"
I like this hairstyle.
"That's a boy's haircut!"
I'm pretty strong, can I try?
"No, girls are weak!"
Can I play?
"I don't think you'll like this game, darling."
Can I go?
"Uh, it's not exactly the best place for girls."
I'll just stand here.
"Get your butt over here to the girl's line!"
That looks fun!
"Only for boys, it is."
I don't want to swim...
"Why not!? You'll look great in this swimsuit!"
I don't like makeup...
"Trust me, I'll make you look great!"
"Because you're a girl!"
I'm not a g-
"Shut up, stupid girl!"
That's not fair!
"To bad! Girls aren't allowed, that's that!"
Shut up!
"Girls can't control me!"
If you don't stop, I swear-
:iconcookie71266:Cookie71266 1 13
the castaway
am i an outcast, for disagreeing with you
am i hell bound, for all you've put me through
am i a lost soul, for  what i find to be true
am i abandoned, for the things i wish you knew
am i trapped in a phase i childishly never outgrew
you claim to know me, you claim to care
you toss me aside, you treat me unfair
you strip me, you wound me, you leave me bare
you curse me, belittle me, stand idly by and stare
you ignore my complaints telling me to 'grow a pair'
please forgive the outlandish way i think
please ignore the deluge of sorrows i drink
please forget the anguish in which i sink
please negate the tears blotching the ink
don't deny, my being different is the only link.
:iconfayth85:fayth85 2 0
an odd love letter
this is my attempt to tell you my story
to show you my trials, to relive my glory
though scared, i'll be as honest as i can
so let me take you back, to where it all began
just as they wanted, a child of their catechism
like a lamb to the slaughter, a victim of their schism
fallen by the wayside, ignored by my peers
numbed by their slings, deafened by their jeers
every action they'd laud,  not sorry or appalled
and if you asked them why, they'd blame it on god
i've withstood trying times, though broken and battered
bearing scars unperceived, my heart shattered and scattered
pieces of me withered, faded through trials and tears
my tongue fell still, tired of hurtful yokes and years
all i had was my music, my writing and my logic
a sad way to live, it truly was tragic
then i met someone, she promised to do me right
we'd talk and laugh all through the night
we'd both been through a lot, life's just fun that way
but she always knew just what to say
"I just need time!" was always her pl
:iconfayth85:fayth85 0 0
hear me out
people fear everything that's different
from your complexion to your accent
so oh my god, being me must mean i'm brave
standing tall as the world carves out my grave
is it any wonder trans people run scared
i've survived more than most would've dared
i'm sorry for being so tired
of being the one you admired
do you even know what transpired
to make me feel so undesired
really i'm not here to fight the cis-tem
i'm just tired of being the victim
'revolution' isn't me living en femme
i just wanna be happy with who i am
i didn't come with the answer, just the question
if you've got an idea, i'm open to suggestion
but i'm so used to the struggle and  strife
could i ever hope to lead a happy life?
:iconfayth85:fayth85 0 0
One of the Beautifuls
My face in the mirror is looking so gray
Just like people I meet every day
Somebody please show me the way
How to make this darkness go away
I wonder should I dye my hair
Or just get some extensions
Contact lenses with seductive stare
Sexy makeup to show my true intentions
I just wanna be beautiful
Sexy, bright and colourful
Young and pretty individual
I just wanna be beautiful
Hot, mysterious and delightful
Work of art, an extraordinary visual
In this world of darkness I shine so bright
Feels like I'm glowing in the night
There's no need to get so uptight
I just do what makes me feel right
Should I paint my nails red
And mix there some pink, just a few dashes
Or how about some glitter instead
Not forgetting these long false eyelashes
I just wanna be beautiful...
I wonder what the colour of today is
Should I try that or instead try this
Will it be either hit or miss
I'm so beautiful I wanna give myself a kiss
Should I get a new piercing
Or spiky high heeled shoes
Pretty or naughty and
:iconbemari:Bemari 0 0
Discrimination Bingo! Trans* Edition by Grimm-Brothers Discrimination Bingo! Trans* Edition :icongrimm-brothers:Grimm-Brothers 10 6 Identity by erinclaireb Identity :iconerinclaireb:erinclaireb 9 8 Androgynes by pam-meliee-sioux Androgynes :iconpam-meliee-sioux:pam-meliee-sioux 0 0 Nightmare visions by pam-meliee-sioux Nightmare visions :iconpam-meliee-sioux:pam-meliee-sioux 0 0


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PlatterGut Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Student General Artist
Um, I made a chatroom for trans and nonbinary folkes if anyone's interested?…
GoldLeader88 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm supportive of transgender people but I still don't think that the idea of changing between genders is a good idea. I think of transgender people as smokers. Just because a person smokes doesn't make them a bad person, but choosing to smoke is probably not always the best choice. Is my opinion wrong in any way?
Zodtra Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Well, I can't tell you what's right or what's wrong but I really think differently. If you ask me, I think there shouldn't really be this strong separation between genders and we should just forget about genders. But that's just my opinion. What do YOU think?
nekophoenix Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Professional General Artist
"Is my opinion wrong in any way?"

Yeah, it's breath-takingly ignorant actually. You're comparing someone's identity to a cancer causing habit; a habit that can be changed, a habit that's a choice, so, yeah, that's... that's pretty damn messed up. You... you understand that trans people don't wake up one day and go "you know what? I'm gonna CHOOSE to be a different gender, just for shits and giggles!". Do you actually think anyone would actually do that? Why would they? What benefit would they get from doing so? 

That's not in any way being supportive of transgender people, so I'm not sure how your first sentence correlates with the rest of what you said. To support someone is to fight for, to love, to encourage, to help... what YOU mean is "I accept that these people exist, but I'm personally not happy with it and I don't think their identities are real" which is kinda the exact opposite of support. 

Like, you might not actually want to see trans people arrested or killed, but you don't get a cookie for not wanting to murder trans people like. 
CaveDweller333 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Generfluid here tho I dont normally feel girly and love dressing in guys clothes and dressing like a guy lol its cute and Id say I look cute! :P I also love being called He tho other times I like being called She
YourDarkButterfly Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
You're just like me, minus the "she" part (bc feminine pronouns make me dysphoric most the time)
CaveDweller333 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I know that feel! they dont really most the time but like id rather be called a brother then a sister yet I dont mind if my bf calls me his bf or gf and being called He I feel I fit in (99% of my friends are male,I dislike other females normally) when I am called She it makes me feel a bit inferior/out of place ONLY sometimes not a lot

I swear I get along better with guys too! 
YourDarkButterfly Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
Whenever people call me by my birthname, or "she", it just rings in my head, and makes me want to shout "HE!" I'm really lucky my friends are accepting though, bc i get to be me at school. 
I don't get along good with anyone, im extremely socially awkward :lol:
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Zodtra Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
That sounds cute!
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